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  • 06:52:12 pm on January 28, 2010 | 0 | # |

    Well I haven’t forgotton now, I’ve made an update to my blog! So last few days…well I’ve I’ve started going to lectures and seminars again, it’s given the bodyclock a bit of a shock but it’s all good. Brooke and I have been out quite a lot this week, just to make the most of it before all the work piles up again. I say ‘go out’ those places seem to include Subway, Coffee Aroma (which is the best coffee shop ever in Lincoln) and Morrisons, but we like those small things. We did go out to gig at a local bar to see this singer/ guitar player called Elliot Morris who is really, I’ve seen him a few times. Also, I met a lot of new people, mostly from Brooke’s course including her new friend from Holland. Next week I’m going to this charity gig to see one of my coursemate’s band so this it sounds like that would be a similar evening; I’m looking forward to it.

    Over the past couple of weeks I’ve become addicted to my Blackberry phone! It’s so cool! The thing I keep doing is checking every single place for a free Wi-Fi. Now I can tell you that Subway does not have Wi-Fi! It’s really cool how a lot of places do though. Maybe soon I’ll be writing one of these on there from the actual place I’m at, seems pointless doing it at home when I have my computer. So…yeah, Blackberry phones, strongly recommended! 🙂


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    Hello I’m George and thank you for reading the first of my new blog. Recently, I’ve been using Twitter a lot and have found that communicating with strangers around the world is quite a good thing. I think it’s nice to share experiences with people who lead different lifestyles and you can learn a lot from it.

    Anyway I guess I can start by talking about the last few days in the life of George. Well this week has been quite nice and breezy for me compared to last week where I was just writing loads of assignments for my Uni course, which for most people isn’t the idea of having fun but it’s done now so that’s all good. So then my first assignment free week of the year started with seeing John Mayer at the Hammersmith Apollo, truly amazing I have to say! He did stretch his guitar solos out a bit too much in parts but otherwise he was a great singer and great player so that was a good start. My girlfirend, Brooke, is quite a big fan for his music as well as his looks! She says one of the reasons why she kissed me on the day we met was because she thought I looked like him, to be mistaken for being John Mayer I can’t be a bad thing I suppose.

    Then on Tuesday I had a funeral for an old friend of my family who sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago. Of course funerals are never a happy event but then again she was 95 years old and wasn’t very well so I think we all saw the happy side of the fact she is no longer suffering. Nevertheless she will still be missed very much.

    On Wednesday Brooke and I drove back to our student house in Lincoln which is always a relief for us because it means we have our own life together back. We love getting to cook what we want, go to bed when we want and just those general things. Lately, I’ve put about five things on Ebay, including two old iPods a cycling jersey and a science textbook. The idea of this is to make some money together to pay for our trip to Dallas, TX which has been booked for the end of August. I can’t wait! We keep talking about it and looking at stuff to do during our visit, it’ll be amazing!

    Well I guess that sums my week up for now, thanks for reading! I’m off to see how many viewings my items have had.

    Take care,